There are many different kinds of civil lawsuits in California.  This includes but is not limited to Breach of Contract lawsuits, Personal Injury Lawsuits, Debts and Collections, Writs of Possession, Wrongful Death, Business and Commercial Lawsuits, Intellectual Property Lawsuits, Product Liability Lawsuits, Employment Litigation and many more.  


If you are suing, a California Civil Litigation Attorney can carefully review your case and prepare your civil complaint and the causes of action in your matter.  

Whether the case leads to settlement or is taken to trial, a California Civil Litigation Lawyer is in a position to assist you with your matter at all stages of the process.  

During preliminary stages an attorney will review your case and recommend the best course of action.  Investigations will be conducted and any necessary forms will be prepared.  Having standing to sue in a civil action is very important.  An appropriate forum and jurisdiction will be determined and Court papers will be filed.  We also arrange to have California Civil papers served on your behalf as required.  

Civil complaints should have all proper components and be formatted according to good practice and procedure.  It should have all appropriate causes of action (basis of claim leading to a right to sue) demands for relief (what you are asking for).  Poorly drafted complaints lead to many problems and often disappointing results.  

During the civil litigation process, discovery is the stage where parties get to know what the other parties' case is about.  This stage can involve various inspections, questioning and examinations.  This can be an involved process and crucial to the case.

If something comes up, you may require a motion.  Simply put, a motion is when you ask the Court for something.  

You may require various Affidavits or Declarations to help prove your case.  

We encourage mediation and settlement of cases where that route makes sense.  

If the matter is not settled it may be necessary to move to a trial.  We provide aggressive and capable representation in Court.  Judgment may be granted after a trial of the matter.

Following judgment, collection may be necessary.  

For assistance in your California Civil Action, contact us for a free consultation.  


If you have been served with a Civil Complaint, we can provide an effective defense for you and be your voice through representation.  

Responding to a California Civil complaint in an appropriate and timely fashion is important.  

There are various possibilities when responding to a Civil Action.  These include demurrers, Answers, Cross Complaints and others.  Properly preparing the appropriate responses will be crucial to your defense.

If appropriate, we encourage settlement of lawsuits.  If not, we provide aggressive defense to civil lawsuits right to trial.